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PVC (polyvinly chloride) is formed by polymerization of vinyl chloride derived from ethylene and chloride. It is long-life, weatherproof and durable plastic alloy. Special PVC production is carried out for different sectors owing to different additives. Approximately 23 million /ton per year is produced all around the world and approximately 5,5 million/ton per year is produced in Europe. PVC is used especially in industry fields that products have 20-50 years of service life. Thanks to this feature, it has been preferred for pipes, door and window profiles, cables, isolation membranes, floor covering materials in construction sector for years.


PVC membrane is the best known thermoplastic water isolation material. It becomes semi-solid from solid state temporarily if sufficient temperature is applied and so it can be overlapped and boiled. Following cooling and creeping, it becomes solid again and functions as a compact cloth. The most important feature of PVC membrane is overlapping in joints is welded by hot weather or chemical solution and so it combines. PVC membranes are resistant to ultraviolet rays, ozone, thermal wearing and low temperatures. PVC membranes produced in various widths are installed fast and so labor-saving is ensured. PVC water isolation membrane reaching to a perfect level in line with the technical progresses is an ideal water isolation systems installed in single layer from the basis to inter layers and from inter layers to the roof.



Membrane test result

Tensile strength DIN 16726, article 5,1

width: 810 N/ 5 cm2 (mm2- 16.2 N)
length 665 N/ 5 cm2 (mm2- 1.3. N)

Breaking elongation (%) EN ISO 527-3

width 211 %
length 227%

Tear strength by nail (N/5 cm2)

TS 4678 ISO 34-1

5400 N/5 cm2

Water vapor permeability

6,7 g /m2

Impermeability  DIN 16938

waited for 72 hours at 4 bar pressure and No impermeability

Heat resistant

no bubble at + 80 degrees and in the end of 4 hours

Cold resistant

no crack at + 80 degrees and +15 degrees in The end of 4 hours

Tensile strength and elongation At break for long time aging (mm2)

width – 16.2 N/mm2- 209%
Length – 14.8 N/mm2-221%

Cold resistant in the end of long time aging

waited at -15°C and +80°C for 7 days And no crack on both surfaces

Dimensional stability

no bubble at +80°C for 6 hours

Resistance to concrete acids

waited in 10% NaCl and saturated Ca (OH)2 Precipitation at +23°C for 28 days And at +80°C and - 15°C for 4 hours and no Crack



Vapor permeable : high water permeability was proven in laboratory.

Water proof : By means of its features, it never penetrates water in the outside environment by means of its features.

Resistant : high resistant to many chemicals, breaking, crushing and puncture.

Long-life : can be used for 20-50 years

Inflammable : high resistance to sparkling, non-flaming at high temperatures, self-extinguishing, non-conversion of fire fluid.

Practical : easy use, practicability with various installation methods. Use on covering wood in cold roof, hot roof, leaned roof systems, brick, under shingle application or on OSB.

Compatible : High heat tolerance or good flexibility at lower temperature.

Light : covers 3-5 times more areas comparing to the other products with the same weight and eliminates unnecessary loads.

Hygienic : prevents mold, fungi, bacteria and pests, winds and dust, long-service life for contamination at roof.

Cost-efficient : Since 3 cm section of Membrano is used by adhering with edge overlapping method, it ensures 70% time and labor saving.



Long service life Hard flaming High mechanic resistance Vapour permeability Easy application High resistance to climatic conditions A wide range of colors Cost-efficient



These materials can be recycled easily even after 25 to 30 years after use. In other words, it can be taken in a cycle. For this reason, PVCs do not need to be incinerated or stored as wastes. It neither pollutes earth nor air. Bituminous isolation membranes being still in use can be disposed by incinerating.


Main reasons for preference

. Sound and light

. Easy and fast application

. Long service life

. Time and material saving

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